Describing Content On Your Site

Write unique and descriptive titles

Titles affect how your pages are displayed and whether a user wants to click on your site in search results. Compare them to titles of a book or chapter. They should be descriptive and concise. Long titles can confuse people and may not fully display in search results. Generic titles like “Home” don’t describe a page’s content either. Its important to learn how to create descriptive page titles since is one of the main signals Google uses to determine the title of a page in search results.

Write different titles for different pages on your site to help users and search engines know which page would be the most useful for a particular search query. Example: BASEBALL CARD …is a generic query, so Google shows the homepage as a search result. The RAREST BASEBALL CARD example is a more specific query, so Google shows a deeper page that’s relevant to the query. These titles are unique to their pages.



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